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A venture capital firm that supports founders and innovators to change the future of financial services.

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Who We Are

Seed Space is an Australian and Swiss based early stage venture capital firm.

We believe that there is a true revolution underway in the manner in which financial services are provided. Some of these are being driven by customer desires for new and more customer friendly financial services and others are being driven by new technologies allowing traditional financial services to be delivered differently and at much lower cost.

We are a true “Early Stage” Venture Capital firm. Our goal is to be the first professional investors and trusted advisors to the leading innovators in Financial Technology. We support and nurture our portfolio of early stage companies to help them grow into the financial services powerhouses of tomorrow.

What We Do

Partner with Incubators

Turning a great idea into a great business can be a daunting undertaking.

At Seed Space we partner with leading incubators and accelerator programmes and innovation hubs who are helping founders take the first steps in bringing their business to life.

Support Fin Tech Start-ups

We support early stage companies that have a great scalable business idea, have passionate founders and the drive to succeed.

Building a robust industry

Seed Space is committed to fostering the Fintech ecosystem both in Australia and globally, through partnering with the key actors and decision makers, but also at the grass roots startup level through our mentoring and sponsorship work.

We have built a network of leading founders, investors and top tier business representatives who together are here to create an environment where founders and start-ups can thrive.

Maximising investors returns

With an extensive collective of experience across multiple sectors in the financial landscape and technology sector at large, we ensure our investments are strategic and visionary in order to maximise returns to our investors.

We foster a data and evidence based approach from start to finish, from screening and reviewing investments opportunities right through to structuring and executing corporate exits.

Our Portfolio

Seed Space Fund (FinTech +) ILP

Seed Space Related Entities Portfolio


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